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International Law Firms (ILF) - Global Legal Network

International Law Firms (ILF) Missouri USA Member

International Law Firms (ILF)International Law Firms (ILF) is an international association of cooperating but independent law firms, comprised of highly regarded member firms from its various jurisdictions.  Member firms are generally small and mid-sized.  Founded in 1998, the organization has grown to include about 70 firms from approximately 40 countries worldwide and coitinues expanding to more strategic locations.  On May 8, 2004, at its Annual World Meeting held in Quito, Ecuador, International Law Firms (ILF) invited The Hein Law Firm to become a member from Missouri representing the United States.  At its September 2010 meeting in Mexico City, International Law Firms (ILF) placed Richard Hein as a Member of the Board, and has appointed Mr. Hein as Regional Director for North America.

Since its inception, International Law Firms (ILF)'s philosophy has remained unchanged.  It is based on the conviction that it is necessary for lawyers to expand the boundaries of their legal practice and to improve the service offered to their clients.  With growing international contacts and business, it is imperative that a firm of lawyers be capable of managing its clients' needs in the international environment.  Every member of International Law Firms (ILF) focuses on its own specific field of each jurisdiction.  Through their membership in International Law Firms (ILF), they are ensuring their clients' concerns at an international level.

International Law Firms (ILF) | Quito, Ecuador World Meeting 2004Group photo of the International Law Firms (ILF) World Conference held in Quito, Ecuador in May, 2004 at which The Hein Law Firm was invited to join that prestigious organisation as a member representing the United States of America.


International Law Firms (ILF) - An Independent Network

Attorney Hein (l.) & Justice Jerónimo Mejía (r.) Supreme Court of Panamá

Attorney Richard Hein (left) & Justice Jerónimo Mejía (right) of the Supreme Court of Panama

International Law Firms (ILF) is an association of independent, like-minded, medium-sized law firms, located in approximately 40 countries across five continents.  The International Law Firms (ILF) members have a common international vocation under the International Law Firms (ILF) banner.  Their objective is to give their respective clients the same comprehensive level of services, both locally and abroad.

When the need for an international or cross-border intervention arises abroad, The Hein Law Firm can refer its client to the lawyers of a corresponding International Law Firms (ILF) firm in the required jurisdiction, with total confidence in the quality of services to be provided by the local law firm.  For International Law Firms (ILF), a client's full confidence in the lawyers of the firm handling the matter on his behalf it is of utmost importance.

International Law Firms (ILF) member firms of lawyers are hand-picked with this concern in mind. The first requirement of International Law Firms (ILF)'s expansion has been and will always be the highest level of professionalism in its partners.


International Law Firms (ILF) Selection Criteria for New Members

Potential International Law Firms (ILF) member firms of are chosen on the following principles:

1. Medium-sized law firms;

2. The capacity and willingness to supply the clients of every International Law Firms (ILF) partner with professional and personalized services;

3. A legal service at the international level (by co-operation with member law firms from different jurisdictions on a same case or by referring a file to an International Law Firms (ILF) partner in another jurisdiction or country); and

4. The understanding that the contemporary practice of law and legal services must be international in scope.


International Law Firms (ILF) World Conference Schedule 

International Law Firms' next World Conference will be held July 8 - 10, 2011 in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

Prior Conferences:

2010 - World Conference - Mexico City, Mexico

2009 - World Conference - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2008 - Hemispheric Conferences - Panama City, Panama & Warsaw, Poland

2008 - World Conference - Athens, Greece

2007 - Hemispheric Conferences - Cancún, Mexico & Barcelona, Spain

2007 - World Conference - Washington, D.C.

2006 - Hemispheric Conference - San José, Costa Rica

2006 - World Conference - Istanbul, Turkey

2005 - Hemispheric Conferences - Miami, Florida, USA & London, England, UK

2005 - World Conference - Vienna, Austria

2004 - Hemispheric Conference - San Francisco, California 

2004 - World Conferene - Quito, Ecuador

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