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Argentine Consulate Event St. Louis MO

Attorney Richard Hein wins 2 DWI Administrative cases in one day.

Any Tuesday morning in St. Louis County Missouri Circuit Court will see several dozen attorneys in trial with several dozen DWI administrative cases.  A DWI administrative case involves a driver losing his or her license due to an arrest for driving while intoxicated.  In Missouri, if a driver appeals the suspension or revocation of his driver’s license because of the arrest for DWI, he has what is called a “trial de novo”, which is an opportunity to try to remove the DWI suspension if the driver was given a breathalyzer test.  Being lawyers who handle DWI administrative appeals in Missouri, we know that these cases are extremely difficult for the driver to win.  If the driver loses the DWI administrative appeal, the DWI administrative suspension of the driver license remains on the driving record for life.  If the attorney wins the administrative DWI appeal for the driver, nothing shows up on the driver’s record from the DWI administrative suspension.


Last Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Attorney Richard Hein won 2 DWI administrative “trial de novo” appeals back to back, by persuading the same Judge that the paperwork which was introduced to show that the Blood Alcohol Content of the drivers was above the legal limit was unreliable because the police officer did not follow the required DWI checklists in giving the breathalyzer tests.  To win 2 DWI administrative “trial de novo” appeals on the same day is nearly unprecedented, and all the more remarkable because as DWI lawyers in Missouri, we know that most lawyers don’t win any cases in their entire career.


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The General Consulate of the Republic of Argentina in Chicago (with support from the St. Louis Argentine Society) is pleased to invite the Argentine Community living in St. Louis to its Consular Office, which will be made available:


Friday the 16th of March and Saturday March 17th

at the

 Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel

 7730 Bonhomme Ave, Clayton, MO 63105.


If you are an Argentine Citizen and wish to process any transactions with your passport or National Identity Card (DNI) at the Consular Office that will be available in Clayton, Missouri on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th of March 2012. Prior registration would be appreciated as soon as possible by submitting the required information (below detailed), which should be received by fax at (312) 819-2626 or the following email address: cchic@mrecic.gov.ar.The deadline will be Friday the 9 of March. Please submit: “Oficina Consular” in the subject line. 

You will be able to:

Change your address on your DNI, duplicate or update and renew your ID for 5, 8, or 16 years.

On your passport: Request extension or renewal (lack of pages, change of state, loss or confiscation.)




1. Personal Identification File: Complete file. Need a complete file for each person needing to effect changes to their documents. This includes minors that would also need said services. 


2. Copies of the first three pages of you DNI


3.Copy of the first and second page of your Passport.*


4. Copy of your birth certificate.


5 A brief of what exactly you need to accomplish with your request.


*If you need to renew your passport due to loss or confiscation you must also present a copy of the police report. 


Registration is a Must.

Once the information is received from points one thorough five, we will contact you to set up an appointment and we will give you the amount you will pay via money order made out to the “Consulado Argentino” in Chicago as well as which photos you will need.


On the day of your appointment you must have your Photos, Money Order, as well as your pre-paid envelope to return your documents once they are done.


If you have any questions, we ask that you please call us at (312) 819-2616 or to our e-mail at cchic@mrecic.gov.ar


Yours truly,

The General Consulate of the Republic of Argentina in Chicago USA.

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